Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome to "Computer Crap"!

We, well I, but you know.... well where were we? Yeah... Welcome! Welcome to one of Blogger's latest blogs, "Computer Crap"! Its not like any of those other blogs, where they talk about what they did today; Do you really want to know what I did today? What breakfast cereal I ate? What time I got up at? I think not! This blog is about computer related "stuff" (that "stuff" is always changing. that "new" YouTube is not so new anymore.).

Like every other computer nerd going blogger I have my own opinion on the Windows/MacOS/Linux wars that are going on. I personally think that Windows is best. Yes, I know I'm probably going to get some hate e-mail for this but.... yeah. Both MacOS X and Linux have their pros, mostly stability/uptime and security, but they both have negative sides too. MacOS X is too expensive with having to purchase Apple hardware, and Linux being too overly complicated for the end user; Some Linux flavors are getting easier to use, as Ubuntu comes to mind, but they can still be somewhat complicated. But since at least 90% of the market uses Windows, the majority of the applications made run on Windows, but more programs are being ported to other operating systems, such as MacOS and Linux.

'Till next time....